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Wind Spiral

mumok mini

You are at home and feel like doing something? Your fingers are already tingling? Then we have a few ideas for you. Sometimes you might need the help of your parents or bigger siblings.

What you need:

  •    Round paper plates
  •    Color (if you don't have acrylic or gouache you can also use wax or paste crayons)
  •    Brushes
  •    Scissors
  •    Stapler or staple gun
  •    Wool thread or string

Here we go.

Paint your paper plate large with your favorite colors. If you have used liquid colors, let them dry completely. This is important because otherwise the wet paper plate will lose its shape when you cut it. The drying can take a day if you have used a lot of paint. Then you grab the scissors and cut spirally from the outside to the middle. If you are not sure if this works well, draw the spiral line on the back of your plate and cut along it into the middle. In the middle you will get a semicircular shape that you should not make too small. Now tack your string to this round shape in the middle. And your wind spiral can already in the autumn wind. Wow!

mumok mini: Windspirale from mumok on Vimeo.