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Spot on: Toy Paintings by Andy Warhol

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Perhaps you have already walked through our museum and looked at works of art. The third-grade school children at the Stiftgasse elementary school did the same. They thought a lot about and wrote down some of their ideas. Zita Gaier reads the texts in German to you if you want. And maybe you have really great ideas, too.


Toy Paintings

Andy Warhol painted and exhibited these pictures for young children. I call them "the fish on the wall". The special thing is that the children were even allowed to touch the pictures.

Today they are behind glass and you are no longer allowed to touch the pictures. There is an English or Japanese sentence below almost every picture. All pictures show toys or stuffed animals.

The fish wallpaper behind it reminds me of the sea. I would like to have a wallpaper like this in my bathroom. Which wallpaper would you hang in your room? If I look at them for a long time, I also get a little scared. What do you think when you see so many fish?

Count the fish! Count the pictures! Stare at a fish for 10 seconds!

And another tip: if you find the fish wallpaper, look for hidden differences!

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