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Spot on: Enjoy – Warhol Flowers

mumok mini

Flowers, Blumen
Andy Warhol

Flowers, flowers and many more flowers! The artist Andy Warhol once made a whole exhibition only with flower pictures. You may have heard of him before, because he is one of the most famous artists of pop art. Almost like a star.

As a child he lived with his family in Pittsburgh, a city in the USA. As a young man he moved to New York and worked as an advertising designer and illustrator. In the big city, he met exciting people and discovered amazing places. And: he wanted to be a real artist.

He was interested in things he saw every day - advertising, comics, movies, pop music, and even packaging. That could be a soup can from the supermarket, for example. Or flowers, as in this artwork. He printed them again and again and again until he had entire series of images. To do this, he learned the technique of screen printing.

Of course, he also needed a work space, a studio. He called this room "The Factory." Inside, the room was all silver. This is where he made his silkscreens and sculptures, but there were also parties, concerts, and films, because Andy Warhol found so many things fascinating. There was always something going on, and very different people met there. You could have recognized Andy Warhol by his stylish appearance, because he found black clothes, wild silver-grey wigs and glasses chic.

The flower painting hangs here at mumok, and you can pick up a free children's card or listen to the audio guide.

If you stand in front of it for a while, you might feel like a bee yourself at some point, humming from blossom to blossom in your mind. Or you remember the green meadows and colorful flowers of summer.