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Positionen in der Kunst: Kiki Kogelnik

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Kiki Kogelnik

In the Ö1 radio series Positionen in der Kunst, mumok curator Manuela Ammer, Claes Oldenburg and Carolee Schneemann talk about Kiki Kogelnik and her work, which is currently on view in the exhibition Enjoy - the mumok collection in change at the mumok.

"She is considered the only Pop Artist of Austrian provenance, and in her painting and sculpture she unfolded a language of form and material that sometimes touched on kitsch and artistically interrogated the aesthetics of advertising. Throughout her life, Kiki Kogelnik, who was born in Graz in 1935 and grew up in Bleiburg in Carinthia, remained a wanderer between worlds. As early as 1961, she moved to New York, where she came into contact with the art of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol."
Feature by: Christine Scheucher, Ö1

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This contribution was produced in cooperation with Ö1 and mumok.