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Performative reading: Barbara Zeman

mumok live

Performative reading by Barbara Zeman spoken by Ines Rössl in a portable sculpture by Susanna Hofer and Daniel Ferstl
Video recording in the context of the exhibition
ANDY WARHOL EXHIBITS a glittering alternative

Four artists have explored Andy Warhol's work. In text, song and performance, they pose current questions of queer and feminist culture. Sometimes text and image complement each other harmoniously, sometimes productive dissonances arise.

With: Alexandru Cosarca, Lydia Haider, Kristin Jackson Lerch and Barbara Zeman

Barbara Zeman lives in Vienna, where she studied history and wrote as a journalist for Falter, The Gap and Die Presse. She has been awarded several residency and work scholarships for her short stories. In 2012 she won the Wartholz Prize. In 2019, her first novel Immerjahn was published. Commissioned works for KHM and Albertina. In 2020 she founded the "Great Reading Club", which has been held in cooperation with the Austrian Exile Library at the Literaturhaus Wien since 2021.