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Look at art! Wolfgang Tillmans

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Look at art!

Things you could try in the exhibition Wolfgang Tillmans Sound is Liquid

Wolfgang Tillmans is a photographer, and that's why there are a lot of photos hanging on the walls of his exhibition Sound is Liquid at mumok: sometimes in a picture frame, sometimes attached with adhesive tape, some photographs are quite huge and others as small as in the photo album at your home. Some you can look at well if you stand far away, and for others it is probably necessary to get a little closer.
We have a suggestion for you, which you can try out when you visit us or even at your home ...

Before you start: Warm-up!

To warm up your eyes so that you can then look very closely, you could try the following:
Go to the most boring wall or floor in your apartment, in your room or here at mumok. So go to a place that has only one color and no pattern or decoration. Once here, you close your eyes and place your hands in front of them. It should be completely dark. Now count to at least 50, then open your eyes and close your ears with your hands. Now you see but hear nothing and you look for a little while only at the boring surface. It is best to count to 50 again and try not to look anywhere else but only at this one spot ...
And voilá, now your eyes should be well warmed up for Wolfgang Tillman's photographs.

Wolfgang Tillmans, Freischwimmer 227, 2012

Stand in front of the big photo. What is going on here? Wolfgang Tillmans has tricked a bit and taken a photo without a camera but drawn only with light. Here it wavers in blue-turquoise and black and everything seems to flow. Let‘s move with it! Imagine you could jump into the photo, like into a big colored pool. And already we are swimming with the shapes, swirling through the streaks of color and splashing around. Does it feel thick to you, like a pudding, or rather light and fine like watery mist? Do you feel warm or cold when bathing in Wolfgang Tillman's photo? And what music would you like to hear with it? Oh, let's take another bath and hum a little melody ...