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Jojo Gronostay, Totem II, Concrete Louvre, Zaha Zaha, Big Man, 2021

mumok live

Artist Jojo Gronostay talks about his large-scale works Big Man, Concrete Louvre, Totem II and Zaha Zaha (all 2021) in our new video. The titles allude to architecture, gender attributions, museum or ritual contexts. The objects Gronostay stages and defamiliarizes in the high-resolution photographs can be understood in the context of his fashion label DWMC (Dead White Men's Clothes), founded in 2017: The artist reactivates clothing that has found its way to markets in Ghana as donations. The label brings the textiles back to Europe, but serves other, more specific fashion (or art) markets.

The works can be seen until January 29 in the collection show Changes.