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Jakob Lena Knebl, There are more things #1, 2014

mumok live

Artist and art educator Mikki Muhr talks about Jakob Lena Knebl's work There are more things #1 which is still on view in the exhibition (Anti-)Pop as part of Enjoy – the mumok Collection in Change until August 28, 2022. Jakob Lena Knebl quotes the title of a story by the Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges in which the protagonist encounters in a house monstrous, uncategorizable objects that trigger both unease and curiosity. Knebl’s installation aims to stimulate the same ambivalent feelings by straddling the categories of artwork, fetish, and design object. In this case, a coat rack Roland Rainer designed in 1956 for the Vienna Stadthalle is converted into a stand holding a Chanel handbag, a furnishing item that might also be found in a luxurious brothel.