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Eileen Quinlan, Outside Gets Inside

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Outside gets Inside

The title is a lyric from Kate Bush’s song Breathing that seems relevant in this moment of pandemic and the horrors of infection. The fragility of bodies, ideologies, institutions, and the planet has been on my mind. The smoke stands for a force, an agent, a specter. It harks back to my early work with advertorial atmospheres and picturing ghosts. Each photo is unique, capturing a conjured gestural puff in the process of un-becoming. Each puff was captured in the studio using outdated Polaroid 4×5″ film.

Eileen Quinlan

On the occasion of the group exhibition Objects Recognized in Flashes, Eileen Quinlan made this series of works available to the mumok. More mumok editions, among others by Michele Abeles, Annette Kelm and Josephine Pryde can be found here.

mumok editions