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The Animal Within | A Contribution by Renate Bertlmann

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In the scope of the exhibition The Animal Within – Creatures in (and outside) the mumok Collection we are inviting artists to contribute a new or already existing text, image, or video.



Renate Bertlmann

Hidden Parameter

In the diffuse light of the equipment that makes the image, the eye sharpened by experience notes pathological changes and hardening in the closely packed organs and tissue. The rays are absorbed or aggressively repulsed, I can no longer conceal anything, I no longer want to conceal anything ... 





Arbeit von Renate Bertlmann


Hidden Parameter, 2017
Latex print on backlit foil: 60 × 42 cm
Illuminated box: 48 × 74 × 11.7 cm
Courtesy of the artist
© Bildrecht, Wien 2022