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Workshops for developing
Our 130 m² studio is the perfect ambiance for you, your friends, business partners, clients or colleagues to explore their own creativity with the guidance and advice of professional artists. The mumok offers a wide range of approaches to modern art, including an exclusive tour through the current exhibitions. Hands-on workshops that develop artistic techniques produce a different level of appreciation and understanding of modern art and its creation.

Paint Your Heart Out
When was the last time you had a paintbrush in your hand? This workshop explores the full range of painting: with gouache paints, using brushes, palette knives or rollers on variousmaterials (on request on stretched canvas). Spontaneous or meticulously composition – everything is possible.
Duration: 2 hours

Make your own pinhole cameras
The simplest kind of camera: Participants make their own pinhole camera using a can or box and photographic paper. Then the quest for the best motif can begin: Still lifes, portraits or the diverse forms of architecture in the MuseumsQuartier can be captured with this simple camera. The participants then develop their pictures themselves in the mumok darkroom with the professional help of photographers.
Duration: 3 hours

Photograms – Pictures without a camera
Since the early days of modernist art, artists have experimented with photograms, where objects and different materials are placed directly on light sensitive paper and then exposed to light. The resulting image is a document of the traces of real objects. Participants experiment with light, time and materials, creating a refined imagery that arises through the process of arrangement, exposure and developing in the dark room.
Duration: 2 or 3 hours

Experiments with screen printing
Pop Art used screen printing to emulate the processes of mass production in commercial advertisement. This workshop returns to the original handcraft of printing. We will print your designs and color combinations on fabric (bring your own clothing or fabrics if you so desire)!
Duration: 2 or 3 hours
Participants: max. 15 persons