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Hyper Real

The Passion of the Real in Painting and Photography, 22.10.2010–13.02.2011

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Nina Canell

To Let Stay Projecting As A Bit Of Branch On A Log By Not Chopping It Off, 12.11.2010–30.01.2011

Press Release (64 KB)

The Moderns

Revolutions in Art and Science 1890–1935, 25.06.2010–23.01.2011

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Push and Pull

Performance Series and Exhibition, 01.10.–31.10.2010

Programm Folder (1 MB)

Brigitte Kowanz

Now I See, 25.06.–03.10.2010

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Painting: Process and Expansion

From the 1950s till now, 09.07.–03.10.2010

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Mladen Miljanovic

Museum Service, 25.06.–12.09.2010

Press Release (54 KB)

Pictures on Pictures

Discursive Painting from Albers to Zobernig From the Daimler Art Collection, 26.03.–27.06.2010

Press Release (67 KB)

Gerhard Rühm

The Ambivalence of the Concrete, 26.03.–27.06.2010

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Changing Channels

Art and Television 1963-1987, 05.03.–06.06.2010

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Collecting for a new Century, 05.03.–06.06.2010

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Bar Rectum | Bikini Bar | Darwin, 05.03.–02.05.2010

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Zoe Leonard

Photographs, 04.12.2009–07.03.2010

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La Colección Jumex, Mexico, 16.10.2009–07.03.2010

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Gender Check

Femininity and Masculinity in Eastern European Art, 13.11.2009–14.02.2010

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Peter Sandbichler Tiger Stealth | unbowed and unafraid, 16.10.2009–24.01.2010

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