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mumok Board

The mumok - Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the museum of modern art foundation ludwig vienna is currently made up of 57 influential personalities and companies taking a keen interest in art and culture with an excellent network of contacts.

The members of the Board - founded in January 2005 - actively facilitate an awareness for the significance and current situation of mumok in their respective personal environments, promote the museum’s interests with key contacts and are committed to ensuring the future of an internationally renowned museum of modern art in Austria.

Furthermore, the Board also aims to promote the activities of the museum, in particular the collection of art works and other exhibition and museum projects. However, the goal is also to give Board members additional exposure to contemporary art through gallery and studio visits, trips and previews of the exhibitions at mumok.

During the first years of its existence, the board was able to purchase three major photographic works by Thomas Demand and Thomas Struth for the museum amounting to more than € 240.000. In 2008, the Board also made Peter Kogler’s large-scale media installation on level 4 possible. In 2009, the Board purchased two smaller works from the series “Presidency” by Thomas Demand and in 2010, the Board decided to support the museum with Lori Hersberger’s Straight from Nowhere (2003).

With the purchasing of Luke (1986) by Isa Genzken within the context of the Museum der Wünsche exhibition, the board was able to fulfill one of the mumok’s special wishes for 2011.