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Preservation of traditional values and support for new artistic and cultural projects

As a leading Austrian insurance company and the largest art insurer, UNIQA has been committed to supporting art and culture for several years. Aside from working with the Salzburger Festspiele and the Vienna Philharmonic, our sponsoring and insurance activity is focused largely on partnership with Austrian museums.

This support is informed by our conviction that private companies have also a social responsibility. As a recent market survey conformed, 70 percent of Austrians who were asked considered the commitment of private Austrian companies to support and assist typically Austrian cultural institutions as very relevant. In order to maintain the high quality of Austrian culture, those interested in culture consider support from Austrian private companies essential.

UNIQA’s sponsoring strategy is to enter medium and long-term partnerships. And this commitment is not limited to financial aid. As an active partner, UNIQA prefers individual sponsoring partnerships custom-tailored to the needs and requirements of specific projects.

mumok and its commitment to modern art stand out in the Austrian museum landscape. Apart from preserving art and cultural values, here an engagement with contemporary artists and the support of new artistic and cultural projects are placed in the foreground. In this way, mumok, more than almost any other museum, is a lively and innovative cultural institution that is continuously evolving with the changing times. UNIQA, too, is described in the market survey mentioned above as a company that stands both for the future and tradition. UNIQA - on the one hand a company that is future-oriented, innovative and successful, yet also seen as interested in the arts and concerned with the preservation of Austrian values.

'UNIQA-sure!' applies to professional cultural institutions just as to the private connoisseur and collector of valuable art.

UNIQA is not just a sponsor of the arts, but in offering insurance for musical instruments and works of art is also an active partner for clients with a passion for culture. Private collections can be insured by UNIQA from a value starting at € 75 000,-.