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Art Photography Fund

Demanding quality and aesthetics. Preserving values over generations. At the mumok and in the Art Photography Fund.

The Art Photography Fund, the world’s first open fund investing into art photography, bridges financial markets with the world of art. Consequently, the fund cooperates with banks and financial institutions by making the fund available to their clients, but also with museums, curators and art experts, for whom the pieces held by the fund have raised awareness.

The fund’s strategy in terms of public relations lies in entering into long-term partnerships. On one hand, in collaboration with representatives of the art world, whereby the aim is to help photography develop and enhance its significance within the entire art market. On the other hand, with participants in the capital markets looking for investment opportunities that are not exposed to the volatilities seen in stock markets, offering a unique, non-reproducible, tangible and recognised art treasures. The objective of the Art Photography Fund’s cooperations emphasises on quality and continuity.

The mumok, as one of the most important cultural institutions in Austria, offers art lovers through its diverse exhibitions and cultural projects the opportunity for further cultural education. The Art Photography Fund enables its investors to enjoy works held by the fund through means of borrowing works. Furthermore, upon redemption, investors can opt for receiving works held by the fund instead of cash. For themselves and the generations to come.

Information available by Tel +43-1-317 35 00 28 at MERIT-GROUP (Schottenring 17, 1010 Vienna).