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Pop Art is a genre, above all in painting, which began to emerge in both England and the USA in the middle of the 50’s of the 20th century independently of one another and became the prevalent means of artistic expression of the 60’s. Its themes are drawn from everyday culture, the world of consumerism, mass media and advertising.

Within Pop Art two fundamentally differing attitudes can be determined. On the one hand there is initial enthusiasm for the prosperity following from the recovery after World War II and the consumer society associated with it (e.g. Claes Oldenburg, Mouse Museum; Mel Ramos, Batmobile) and, on the other, there are more critical positions (Andy Warhol, Orange Car Crash; Robert Indiana, Love Rising - Black and White Love. For Martin Luther King).

In the USA Pop Art is considered to be conscious resistance to Abstract Expressionist painting or reinterpreted it to include real objects (Robert Rauschenberg) and concrete meanings (Jasper Johns). Everyday situations (George Segal) are just as likely to be the starting point for making Pop Art as works from the history of art (Roy Lichtenstein, The Red Horseman).

In Europe American Pop Art was first exhibited on a larger scale in 1968 at the fourth Documenta in Kassel. There, the collectors and spouses Peter und Irene Ludwig acquired extensive blocks of work that would later become part of the Austrian Ludwig Trust and which are now regarded as some of the most important works in the mumok collection.